Create Grid website with Essential Grid Plugin !

Essential Grid review
With so many features and options for adding a grid to your site, you might be wondering how easy this plugin is by using, and if the wealth of settings are more of your hindrance than a help when working with Essential Grid.Within this part of the review we will take a look at how you can start creating a grid and just how the many options for customising it are handled.After the plugin is installed, two new menu items are added to your WordPress dashboard entitled Ess. Grids and Ess. Grid. From the first option you can handle any existing grids on your own site, but from your second menu item further down the page, you can create the grids.From the Ess. Grid user interface, clicking on the Create New Ess. Grid button will give you to the grid builder.As you can tell the interface for creating a grid is very clean and fairly similar to the standard WordPress interface. The backend of the plugin is all responsive so if you are creating grids on the smaller screen device, you shouldnt must many problems.12 steps may appear like a lot but a majority of of the steps dont require much input from the user unless you really want to tweak and edit the existing settings. For each step you can also preview your grid as it develops, allowing you to easily see what effect the modifications are you making for the settings are having.The grid preview is displayed on the same page because the options, underneath the settings. This enables you to see the preview without switching windows or tabs, which makes it very convenient to use.The plugin comes with detailed documentation that covers every single setting of Essential Grid so that you can easily make sense of the different options on offer and commence creating personalised responsive grids for the site.The skin editor incorporated with this plugin is a feature that those who’re perhaps designing sites for clients, or perhaps want even more control of how their grids are displayed, will really appreciate. With the skin editor you may create a new skin or edit a current one to give you a base to work from.The skin editor features a drag and drop interface so you can easily add any of the available elements for your skin. These elements include items like the buttons to read more, icons for previewing this content, and the text overlays which may be added to any grid content.For more control over the way your skins look, it is possible to bring up the CSS editor for the skin you are taking care of and make changes straight to the underlying CSS. A great feature to have access to if you really want to great your own personal grid layouts applying this plugin.These skins and also the grids you create can be exported for use on other sites by using this plugin or for including them in WordPress themes.This can be a really impressive plugin that those who have ever thought about adding grids to their site which can display various sorts of content should definitely take a look at.The developers of Essential Grid have done a really good job of making something that is easy enough to use so that a beginner can rapidly start using it to include a great looking grid to their site; as well as building something which has enough settings, options, and suppleness on offer to keep developers and power users happy.In case you are happy to use the default settings, you could still create a fairly unique and personalised grid layout for the site. However, if you’re willing to explore the settings in depth and perhaps even use the skin editor, you will find really no limits to how personalized your grids could be.This is an excellent value plugin that will a very good job of accomplishing what it set out to do, that is adding content grids to your website with countless configuration options. The fact its available from a reputable developer means its more than likely this plugin will continue to be improved and upgraded for that foreseeable future.If you want to add grids that contain posts, products, images, or video, to your web page that will work with any theme and a lot devices, then Essential Grid comes highly recommended.Essential Grid review

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